“Ben lived on the nineteenth floor of an old tower block in a large, ugly city…He was bored with the same view day after day, and he wished something wonderful could happen to him. Something different. Something unexpected.

And because he made his wish on exactly the ninth hour of the ninth day of the ninth year of his life, something did happen.

On the ninth floor landing of the tower block, among discarded takeaway cartons and other rubbish, Ben found a silver telescope. On it were carved tiny images of the sun and moon and, between them, the image of an open eye. He took the strange telescope to his room and, standing at his window, looked through it.”

Peter and I collaborated on this book. I painted the images seen through the telescope. Peter painted the full page background scenes.

See –  Brian Patten’s Poetry page – http://www.brianpatten.co.uk/poetry.html

Telescope” The Blue and Green Ark ” from my first posting is read by Brian with the alphabet letters merging into one another, and with music by Ross Brown.